Java Development on a Mac

So you have a new Mac (or an old Mac) and you want to do some Java development on your Mac. The first thing you need to do is check to see if you have Java already installed on your machine and if installed what’s the Java version installed. So you open your Terminal window and type in Depending on if you have Java installed…

Covid Response

Is your business prepared to re-open in this age of Covid? Do you need help with Covid Technology? Contact Us with your technology needs or questions and we will be happy to offer our help. We can provide guidance and services to help you get back to your business and we even help you grow your business in a virtual/online environment.

Digital Security & Covid-19

Two months into the Covid-19 lockdowns across the world, everyone is familiar with the steep increase in online traffic and usage, from companies both big and small to the average home user. So it’s no surprise hackers/malicious groups have stepped up their online attacks too. One particularly nasty attack that has been spreading rapidly recently is the ‘Netwalker or Mailto Ransonware’ attack. The attack was…

Squirrel SQLClient

Here at Assetbytes we use both Windows and MacOS systems to do our development. We’ve worked with various SQL Clients over the years but settled on an old faithful the open source universal SQuirrel SQL client. This is a Java based client so it works the same on Windows, Linux and MacOS platforms. The one issue we had with using this client on MacOS was…


ExcellentServices is a family owned professional Carpet Cleaning Services & Upholstery Cleaning company owned by Jim Gallagher.


CeramicAndMarbleDesigns is a custom tile, marble and ceramic installation and design services company by Randy Hanovick.

Joyous Desserts was a local home based confectionary serving up delicious cakes, cupcakes and assorted desserts.

Top Subscription Apps

Top Subscription Apps US 2019

Interesting data from SensorTower (a mobile app store marketing intelligence platform company) about the Top Subscription Apps in the US by revenue for 2019. The key takeaways from this market data is that of the 100 highest grossing non-game apps across both stores last year, 96 offered subscription options. This data identifies a clear shift towards app subscription models as a source of monetization for…