AssetBytes Inc.

Does our business have a website that you are happy with? Does it load quickly on responsively on not just desk computers but all on devices including phones and tablets? Does your business come up towards the top in Google Search?

Do you have a contracting service/business and if so do you list your business in the appropriate online directory? Is it listed on Yelp or Angie’s List or Google Business directory?

How do you engage with your customers? Do you have a Youtube account or an Instagram account? Do you have a Twitter account? Does your organization have a lot of ‘followers’ on any of those social sites. Do you send notifications to your customers when new services or specials are offered? Do you send them service reminders?

If you need answers to any of your technology questions or need help finding the right technology to meet your business needs, we can provide answers or find someone who will. No matter your existing digital footprint, we can help improve on it and provide consulting services or take over management of some or all your digital assets.

We have been involved in internet technologies from it’s infancy, from the days of the ‘Mosaic’ browser and have over 20+ years of experience dealing with all kinds of internet issues and providing innovative solutions. Simply Contact Us using any means convenient to you, we are always on and available.

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